17 June 19

The first 6 months of this year have completely flown by. I can't believe it's already nearing the end of June.


Admittedly, much of my time has been taken up with wedding planning – Daisy and I tied the knot just over 2 weeks ago now and we're very much looking forward to getting away on honeymoon, it's going to be pretty epic.


First up is Glastonbury Festival, followed by New York, Disneyworld and ending up at Clearwater Beach, in Florida - we're cramming all this into just over 3 weeks away. Work wise, things will be on hold for this period – but I'll be coming straight back into a busy schedule of shooting and retouching.


Earlier this year I shot for Freedom Industries USA, based in New York – here's a shot from the studio work I did for them. They had seen some styles of imagery they liked on – having a strong idea of what your client wants is essential, FI-USA were right on top of this, providing strong imagery for my reference before the shoot began – this gave me time to prepare which is also very important.

I shot 7 angles for each style in their first range of footwear, with lots more to come it's proving to be a great working relationship. The shot above was one of the more fun angles to shoot, I made a custom rig to hold the shoes in position, and also to achieve consistency between the different colourways of this style. All 7 angles of each were then retouched, including shape correction, dust/spot removal, fixing blemishes, tidying loose threads and glue and colour correction.


I feel it's important that product photography accurately represents the product you have in front of you – all too often I see work where products have been photoshopped to an inch of their life and can look totally different to what you have in front of you. At the end of the day, you need to accurately represent the product to your customers.


We'll be looking to schedule some lifestyle shoots, which I'm really looking forward to!


I'll pop some imagery of our wedding here when we get our photos back – if any of you are interested!


Back soon, Will


March 2019

28 March 19

It's been a busy month – work is continuing on the Freedom Industries USA project, I'm retouching all the web photography at the moment and it's going well, I think it's looking really good and can't wait to see it all on their site.


My work with Freedom Industries USA goes to show how easy the client relationship can be, they first reached out to me around 3 weeks ago – within a few days we had agreed on a path and budget to deliver exactly what they needed to take them forward. Being based in New York (while I'm in the UK) doesn't have any drawbacks as the world is a much smaller place now. We're due to schedule some lifestyle/model days once the studio work is complete - I have some good ideas how to go about this – can't wait to get started!


Aside from IShootShoes work, I had this commission from The Metro - it was a bit of an eye opener to hear how the government are treating Pewie, I really hope it works out for her and the family she cares for.


The Photography Show was also this month, I managed to visit for a day - it was good to see some familiar faces in the industry and have a good catch up about all things photography. Whilst currently in the middle of a bit of a studio revamp, I bagged 20% off a load of TetherTools kit, a Nikon 105mm 2.8 and some other bits and bobs. All in all, it was a good day at The NEC in Birmingham.


More soon, Will


Happy (belated) new year!

08 March 19

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year - I haven't posted here since December! Oops.

Still, it's been quite an interesting start to 2019 with a fair number of changes happening in my world of shooting shoes. Walktall, one of the main brands I shoot for actually closed due to difficult trading circumstances, meaning I can focus my resource in other areas of the business with Cosyfeet. I'll be shooting more for them, bringing more of the catalogue photography in-house, which should be good all round. I'll also be focusing on producing more video and animated videos for Cosyfeet now that time has been freed up.

Another exciting talking point this year has been Freedom Industries USA. Any day now, I'm expecting my first shipment of footwear to shoot for this New York (New Jersey) based clothing/fashion brand. Really excited to spread my wings over the pond and shoot for them, I'll be sure to share some of the imagery I produce on here and on my socials - keep your eyes peeled, the product range looks great!

There's one or two other little things I've been working on which have kept me busy over these early months of 2019. Actually, 2019 is a big year for me - I'm getting married in June, to Daisy - and then heading over to the US...New York, Disney World, and Tampa await over 3 weeks in July, bring on the sunshine!

Thanks, Will


Michelle Obama

04 December 18

About a month ago, I took a call asking if I was available on the 3rd of December for some work. I had to shuffle some things around to fit it in, but it turned out to be the highest profile event of my career to date, Michelle Obama was in town.


She was visiting London as part of her book launch and public show at the Southbank Centre. Ahead of the evening event at the Southbank Centre she was set to visit The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School as part of the Penguin Talks series, which invites their bestselling authors into schools to inspire students. I had previously shot some high profile events with Penguin with the likes of Richard Branson, Yuval Harari and Russell Brand, but this was on another scale.


She had visited the same school back in 2009, resulting in her inviting some very lucky staff and students back to The White House in Washington and developing a very strong relationship with the school.


The worlds press were in attendance, secret service agents everywhere and after a briefing from her team I was set to photograph the ex First Lady of the United States! I had free reign of the room, whilst the press were kept on a platform at the rear of the hall, meaning I was in a very privileged position with great access to FLOTUS44 shooting for both Penguin and her press team.


The most unexpected moment for me came after the main event was finished, I'd just finished shooting the rope walk and I was immediately asked to follow her and her team into a lift backstage. We went up a few floors to a much smaller theatre where some of the school staff we're waiting. Michelle Obama then had some personal moments with the staff memebers, thanked them for having her and promised to return in the future.


As it stands, I'm still waiting to hear what I can share from the day (if anything) but, sooner or later I hope to be able to use some of the imagery - and I will do, just as soon as I'm given the go ahead!


On the train home, I had a message saying I'd made it on the News at 10 - you can see the clip below where I pop up in the background for a quick shot or two, and they promptly shared some of my images on the official MichelleObama Instagram account.



There should be plenty more to come from this event! What an experience!!

Back soon, Will


The Levellers, Sean McGowan and Nick Parker

27 November 18

I set off for Bristol last Friday evening, I wanted to get there early to catch the support acts, especially Nick Parker as I've worked with him before. Back in 2010 we shot a music video in and around Glastonbury and on the festival site itself. The traffic was horrendous with all the roadworks around Templemeads and Broadmead, meaning I only just made it in time - but was well worth it, as it always is with Nick. Nick Parker - Bristol O2 Academy

It was the first time I'd seen Sean McGowan, and was pretty impressed, I enjoyed each song the band played and they were warmly welcomed by the growing crowd waiting for The Levellers. The stage lighting was really great to shoot in during this set - it makes a much more enjoyable shoot, and the results are vastly improved when the lighting is good. Here are a few images during the Sean McGowan set at the O2 Academy Bristol - for the full gallery, click here --->


Sean McGowan - Bristol O2 Academy

Sean McGowan - Bristol O2 Academy

Sean McGowan - Bristol O2 Academy

Sean McGowan - Bristol O2 Academy

The Levellers took to the stage in Bristol, the middle night on a 5 show tour to celebrate 30 years! It's just mad to think that Beautiful Day was released in 1997, it's the song that comes to mind when the levellers are mentioned - but there are other big tunes in their catalogue too!

Here are a few shots from The Levellers set, the lighting started off quite moody, but improved as we worked through our allotted time to shoot them.

For more images of Nick Parker, Sean McGowan and The Levellers, please follow the link - here ---->


Converse retouching

18 November 18

Retouching is a big part of what I do - although it may not look like it, and sometimes that's the point - I don't always want it to look retouched. This image was put together from shooting one shoe. Any guesses which colour I shot?

The shoe I shot was the maroon one, and then recoloured the others in the image - it came out pretty well. Obviosuly I can drop in any background required, this was just something I popped on to make it just a little more interesting for my purposes here.

This image was used to feature on an upcoming consumer email - offering 30% off, below is the corresponding web banner for the homepage.

Back soon, Will


Shingle all the way

10 November 18

It's been about 5 weeks of aches and pains so far with my bout of shingles, which hasn't been fun, and has made work quite difficult to complete, luckily this week I got 3 big projects out the way and signed off, which was great. This came just in time as my shingle pain decided to come back with a bang on Thursday causing me to faint whilst going down the stairs, no injuries though so I'm on bed rest now.

Having opened this post about aches and pains, and doing too much - I got a call this morning about a job that I couldn't turn down - it's not until we're in December, so I have plenty of time to prepare for it. I'm really looking foward to this one, I can't say anything at the moment, but will do as soon as I can.

As I just mentioned, the latest Walktall flyer (the Christmas edition) was signed off this week and will be going out to customers on Black Friday.

Walktall Premium Camden

This shot will be featured on the back cover, promoting Walktall's Premium Range of formal footwear, this was quite a fun one to shoot - the use of gels and confetti to give a bit of a party feel to the image. I had to be careful with the gels - I wanted to avoid covering the shoe with coloured light so I mounted some old barn doors to a flash head (which wouldn't look out of place on Shitty Rigs - I'll make sure I post it on Instagram!) to control the coverage of the gels. I left a little highlight on the toe just to keep the shoes feeling part of the natural image.

Anyway, off to sleep for me - a weekend full of R&R for me!

Back soon, Will 



Halloween fun!

24 October 18

Hello! I've just been having a little fun with some GIF's for a consumer email going out this weekend - what do you think? Happy Halloween everyone!


Freshening up!

22 October 18


Over the past month or so, I've been tweaking the I Shoot Shoes website to fit more in line with, adding a split landing page and new 'About' pages, which you'll have seen if you're reading this.

I was hoping to get all this ready sooner, but have been suffering with shingles for the last couple of weeks - but am on the mend and picking up where I left off.

Whilst freshening the I Shoot Shoes website up, I've also updated the main gallery with some new imagery - some can be seen below some of which was, from a recent series of shoots with Walktall.

I've a meeting with the director of an exciting, award winning brand this week. His company develop products for infants and babies - with a cracking website to back it all up, it should be a great project to get involved with.

Here's a few shots I've recently added - see more in the full gallery, here!


Feminists Don't Wear Pink

09 October 18

In the early part of last week I had a call to shoot for Penguin at last minute, luckily the timings fitted around my other commitments, so I was happy to say yes.

The sold out event was held at the Rio Cinema, Dalston - which was a live panel of 4 women who feature in the book Feminists Don't Wear Pink (and other lies) talking about feminism and what it means to them. 

This, taken from the event promo explains it far better than I ever could:

Maybe being a feminist isn’t quite what you thought it was…

We’re bringing four AMAZING women together to celebrate the launch of the much anticipated Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies).

In a discussion that aims to bridge the gap between the feminist hashtags and scholarly texts and to debunk the myths that surround feminism - Curator of the book and co-founder of the Pink Protest Scarlett Curtisalongside Liv Little, founding editor-in-chief of Gal-DemCharlie Craggs, trans activist and founder of award winning national campaign Nail Transphobia and Deborah Francis-White, host of the hit podcast The Guilty Feminist will offer personal stories about what the F-word means to them.

Don’t miss out on what will no doubt be a rich and lively discussion around navigating being a woman in today’s society, why we need to bang the drum for feminism and why feminists really do wear pink.

Here's a few shots from the event...

Thanks for stopping by, Will